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What is crowdrebating™?

Everything you need to know

madaiAiD is unique and revolutionary fundraising platform that transforms corporates marketing investments and consumers shopping deals into valuable donations for charities around the world.
madaiAiD uses madai ltd software platform as a channel to facilitate charity organizations in collecting philanthropic funds in a smarter way and to enable corporation in transforming their charity funding into a marketing investment.

Definitely SMART

An innovative business model that combines marketing shopping and charity.

Totally FREE

The platform is available to no-profit organization at NO cost.

Really EASY

Just few hours to setup and publish your fundraising and marketing campaign.

How it works

Three easy steps.
Benefits for everyone.

01Products and or services are put on sale on madaiAiD;

02The price decreases as the consumers interact with the platform by answering questions or by providing opinions;

03The product are sold and consumers can make great deals and revenues of sales go to the non profit organization. 
The Corporate marketing and the no profit organization benefit of all the information collected during the price reducing process.


What people say about us


If this sounds too good to be true, read what people have to say .

Tim - Fundraising Manager from South Africa
Tim - Fundraising Manager | I've been able to clear a stock of products donated to our fundation and to transform them in cash in less then two weeks. 
Sandra - Marketing Manager
Sandra - Marketing Manager | My company contributed to a good cause while collecting at the same time precious informations about customers and prospects.
Paul - Shopping fanatic
Paul - Shopping Fanatic | Can you imagine it? Now I know that I can spend money of my favourite hobby while contributing to a charity

A unique WIN-WIN-WIN scenario

In the last few years the philanthropic landscape changed dramatically and strategic giving established itself as a fundamental pillar in the construction of successfull charity initiatives. Through it, companies or consumers can play an active role in fundraising campaigns. Tipically, in strategic giving, companies act as sponsr for social eventswhere charities collect donations. Consumers, on the other hand, are asked to take part in charity auctions. (Watch a video)

madaiAiD is the first strategic giving platform involving at the same time both companies, consumers and charities
with a  "benefit for everyone" approach.

Donate to a good cause
Without cash disbursement
Sell your products or services
Collect valuable marketing data
Read FAQs
A ready to use solution
Convert your stock into cash
Engage new donors
Unlimited usage
Read FAQs
Donate while shopping
Get amazing discounts
Contribute to a good cause
A new shopping experience

Tell us who you are and we'll make you WIN!

We are operating in
USA, UK, France, Italy and South Africa.Our "ambassador" are ready to support you in building a successfull project.

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