Helping fund Charity – Globally

Helping fund Charity – Globally

we imagined a world where people receive something back each time they contribute. then we realized it.

MadaiAid takes you into the world where people are; marketing investment and consumers online. We incentivize people to give by reaching out through a simple link.

how we help?

I have no money to give, I’ve already donated my clothes and I work too much to volunteer.” No worries, donating can be as easy as:

Transform your time online into a donation.”

We believe in NO excuses! Check out how to convert a few minutes of your time into a meaningful donation.

“We don’t have a budget for donations this year”, they said.

“Our donating solution doesn’t require budget. You don’t need a budget – Carry on selling and marketing.”, we said.

This is how we enable smart corporate donations.

We source donors and small donations for you with one easy incentive.
“Give a 5 and get 5 back”, a game changer.

Millennials and Gen Z friendly.

a win for charities

Enter the social conversation online and reach even the quietest couch potato with simple technology. At no cost.

good for companies

Transform your assets into good without compromising your objectives.

Donors receive back

People are happy to make a difference and what a difference it makes when they also receive something. Let’s engage and re-engage inspired individuals.

let’s continue making great stuff happen