madaiaid affiliate

A chance to pioneer – an affiliate that promotes donations to charity. Promote a good cause and earn with the Charity!

Calling all fundraising consultants, influencers, bloggers, and publishers to join a fundraising revolution, #giveandget campaigns.


Tell us about yourself! Set up a Madai affiliate account. You’ll be a trusted Madai partner.

2 > Share with your followers

Share your unique reference link with your followers to promote #giveandget campaigns – no cap to your earnings!

3 > Earn Commission

You earn $0.50 per #giveandget donor driven from your content.

Why become a MadaiAid Affiliate?

MadaiAid Affiliate Program is designed to help you increase brand upliftment and earn through effortless communication with your follower base while supporting a valuable cause.

➛ We’ll help you find a charity organization that makes sense for your readers/listeners/viewers!

A chance to pioneer

An affiliate that promotes donations to charity.

Easy to set up

We provide you with a unique link which tracks your traffic and conversions – you can start sharing and driving donors in minutes.

Quick & Simple payout

You simply get $0.50 per every donor driven from your content thanks to your unique reference link.

Creative freedom

You can choose to create any content surrounding the campaign to help your engagement success!

Who can be a MadaiAid affiliate?

Fundraising consultants | INFLUENCERS | BLOGGERS | PUBLISHERS

Ready to use your influence to help make a change?