madaiaid monetize

just a bit of the usual time online = donation.

MadaiAid provides an alternative even for the hardest-to-solicit donations. Donors’ budget will remain entirely unaffected as they help turn their online activity into a donation for you.

in 5 easy steps

We provide a link

Charity can use on on their website, social media or even a direct message

Donors follow the link and complete a short market research survey*

Charity receives a donation

When a completed survey is submitted, the charity automatically receives a donation

Something back for the donor

The donor is also simultaneously discounting a gift card of their choice which they can purchase at a discounted price if they choose

Donation can be easily repeated

Whether they choose or decide not to buy a gift card, the donor is returned to the charity’s website where they might choose to make an additional survey and donation

*surveys are managed by leading market research agencies on behalf of major global brands. They are completely anonymous, and your donor’s personal data will not be collected.

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